We stayed in a chalet.

I asked Louiqa where he lived.

It's not like I have anything else to do.

Rasputin had the whole Russian court under his spell.

You're smashed.

Air balloons had not then been invented, nor steamships, nor railways.

It's a complex problem.

Jones says he'll never do that.

The barber gave him a haircut.

The house fell down a week later.

I will never agree to such a flagrant miscarriage of justice.

Those rules fostered discontent among students.


He still rings me from time to time.

For a long time I wanted to meet him.

You're only human.

Patty never varies his routine.

I'll take care of it later.

This river abounds in trout.

Ann moved to Boston and Jennie joined him there.

Dick played piano and Lucy sang.

An egg is a zygote.


My passport was stolen.

In Japan, military leaders gained control of the government.

Goodbye stranger, it's been nice.

Don't you miss me?

Clarissa has been very good.

I wish Arlene could've seen Clark win the race.

I caught up with them soon.


In South Africa, witches can fly on broomsticks, but they cannot fly above the 150 metres limit.


I'll be ready in a second.

Why does the government want to read my emails?

The mountaineer was hungry as a wolf.

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Where's Toronto?

Look after yourself.

He said that he was hungry.

I got one for you, too.

This isn't the time for stupid jokes.


We've been sitting here for over an hour.

They won't let me see her.

Lucius was killed in action.

We won't tell anybody about that.

We're expecting a lot of people to attend the ceremony.

Has she a piano?

Olson texts me all the time.

What is Tatoeba?

I didn't ask Kit to wait for me.

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We kept our fingers crossed.

The resources of the earth are limited.

He tore his calf muscle playing basketball.

Kieran said that there was a monster under his bed.

The island needs a hospital, not a bridge.

I've just wasted three years of my life.

We can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

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Please tell me when he arrives here.


Arne never did like long goodbyes.


Will I have the pleasure of seeing you again?

The club is composed of ten women.

That better not be him.

There's nothing on the table.

I know you miss Sri.

Don't interrupt the elderly.

The old man was run over and immediately taken to the hospital.

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Miki was remarkable.

We can help them.

Would Jack be interested in going with us?

Something is wrong with the brakes.

We won't be able to survive without your help.

We'll try not to get in your way.

I refuse to reply to these charges.

It should be decided in the next day or two.

The fish are safe to eat.

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You are a beautiful woman.


We did our homework.

I talked with the Polish ambassador.

In the battle they captured weapons from the enemy.

The fire burns.

Please call me at about 7:30.


It is a beautiful city.

Let's go to Shinjuku tomorrow morning.

We thought we'd visit you for a few days next summer.

I can't explain it.

Anything you say to Rodney, you can say to me.

I'm afraid someone will see us.

I found it very disturbing.

I can't stand being cooped up in this prison!

I would like some sugar, please.

How weird that was?

This is my fault.

He has good reason to be against the plan.

I couldn't accept the job.

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Last I met him, he was very well.

Tyco Brahe, though of noble decent, married a commoner. Together they had three sons and five daughters.

Steve looks puzzled.

The music put my imagination to work.

What were they talking about?

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Supposing war broke out, what would you do?

Dying is not the opposite of living: we spend our life living while we don't spend our death dying.

She played the piano as promised.

I have a slight fever.

Stop screaming at me!

Once a noob, always a noob.

I ate a banana.

Takao is very quiet.

I feel very angry.

There were several deaths from drowning.

Vijay tried to open the door.

My mother hummed to herself as she went about her cooking in the kitchen.

He said that he was very happy.


The meat is really tender.

Lonhyn will come after me.

My heart wasn't in the work.


Hey, mister! Eat my cat, please!

I don't want to hurt Ramneek.

I'm trying to figure out where we met before.


Danny is patronizing.

When I got out of the car, I felt like I had been here before.

Mario has a bookstore on Park Street.


The Queen is to visit China next year.

Your plan didn't work.

That's only the tip of the iceberg.

After using the knife, please be sure to put it back where it was.

The woman stays at home with the child.

This job is too much for me.

I'm so drunk.

How many years have you been married?

He killed the old lady just for kicks.

Let Larry do that.

I can't do it again.


And so does my brother.


I bought these for us.

Rod is a fascist.

You won't go shopping with me?

Just because he is poor, it does not follow that he is unhappy.

These desks are too small for us.

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Someone is watching her.

Cole never knew Rhonda.

They named her Jane.

You're brighter than most of Jordan's friends.

The washing machine is somewhat out of order.

Some new kinds of rice can be harvested two or three times a year.

Germany is in the middle of Europe.

I thought Shakil would win.

Where on earth were you, all this time?

Is this camera for sale?

I have something you should look at.


I know it's not fair.

That car is hers.

The year the war ended, I was born.

I saw a video of a man who can fry chicken without using tongs.

Do you know how much of a loss it was?

Tharen chickened out.

I don't have what I want.

I guess they really weren't all that hungry.

Let's get her back.

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I used to love to play jazz.

Don't mind me.

I published one.

Too much light hurts the eye.

The girls laughed.


Nicolo tried that.

I returned to my hometown after five years' absence.

A wisp of hair fell over his left eye.

Did you have a good summer?

Her brow was beaded with perspiration.

No one got hurt.

No funny business!


Do we have to lie flat on the ground?

When was the last time you drove Elisabeth's car?

I am a diploma holder.

Those apples are big.

He looked good when he was young.

iTunes has turned out to be a real cash cow for Apple.

These gases can lead to global warming.